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With the help of Les Schwab we were able to take the idea of a bowling league for individuals with Down syndrome and make it a reality. We started the Spare Chromies Bowling League after seeing the positive response that our members had to a random bowling outing that we hosted.  Many of them arrived with their own bowling balls and shoes, ready to show us what they are capable of. We initially opened up registration to 15 individuals, however after this spots quickly filled and we had more families reaching out, we increased the number to 20.  We have increased to 30 participants for season 2.


Now the third Thursday of every month you can find us at High Sierra Lanes. Having a recurring activity is so important for our members, as it provides an opportunity for socializing and strengthening of friendships. It also gives our members a chance to work on life skills as they navigate picking up their shoes, ordering from the snack bar and taking turns. One final part of the outing that is so important is the community outreach that is achieved by us just sharing space with the general public. As a network, we strive to improve the public perception of Down syndrome, and nothing does that better than watching us be just like you, having fun with our friends.

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