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Our volunteers rock!

Did you know that our organization is nearly 100% run by volunteers? From a working Board of Directors to the volunteers who help us put on activities throughout the year. Programs like Wiggle Giggle & Learn and Club 21 are possible because of the power of community. While we benefit from the time and talent of amazing individuals who believe that a world of inclusion is better for everyone, our volunteers benefit from the personal growth and friendships made at our events. 


Volunteers of all ages join us and continually tell us that we have made them better through the experience. In addition, we conduct our events in local schools and businesses so that people can see inclusion happens everywhere not just in ‘special places’. This means your donation goes farther and does more good!

Volunteer opportunities include:

Buddy Walk

The Lucky Few Fall Festival

One-on-one work with self advocates

Event Support

Club 21

Fundraising Support

Group Outings

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