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The Down Syndrome Network of Northern Nevada is proud to offer Ability Awareness Presentations at all Washoe County Schools.  These presentations are tailored to each student with Down syndrome, to celebrate their achievements, talk about their differences, and most importantly highlight how they are just like their peers.  This 20-30 minute presentation can be be given to all age groups, and will touch on the importance of respectful language, engaged listening, and how to be a good friend to those with disabilities.


Families of students with Down syndrome are encouraged to contact the Down Syndrome Network of Northern Nevada at to request this service.  You will be asked to fill out a brief questionnaire, and assist in getting us in contact with your child's teacher.


Together we can help make a difference in our schools, one classroom at a time!


Why promote disability awareness and

acceptance in schools?

  • Many people who have not had experience with people having disabilities feel uncomfortable being around them. Understanding more about the diagnosis and the things they have in common with this person helps make the

  • differences less intimidating.

  • Open communication about disabilities clears misinformation and stereotypes. Finding commonality increases acceptance and inclusion.

  • Helping people understand the challenges another human is facing can increase empathy which leads to the creation of strong connections.

  • Many children with and without disabilities have negative social experiences that can follow them for a lifetime. Creating a climate of compassion where all students are valued for their unique abilities can help all students.

  • Students that feel accepted are more likely to participate in school programs and extracurricular activities.

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