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NEW: Optional Peer to Peer Fundraising 

What is Peer to Peer Fundraising? 

Peer-to-peer fundraising is a fundraising strategy in which individual supporters host personal campaigns to collect donations from their friends, family, and colleagues on an organization's behalf.

What does this mean? 

Anyone can sign up to be a Peer Fundraiser to support the DSNNN. 

  • Create a team page (you are the team captian) that you can send out to your friends, family, neighbors, schools etc. to ask them to monetarily support the DSNNN! 

  • All funds go directly to supporting families who have children with Down syndrome. 

  • This is completely seperate from our admission to The Fall Festival. This is simply a way to collaborate to support the DSNNN and compete to see who can raise the most! 

  • The team captian who raises the most will win a Chromebook! 

We are teaming up with celebrities Kristoffer Polaha and David DeSanctis to bring you the Second Annual Lucky Few Fall Festival!  They starred in "Where Hope Grows," a movie about a friendship that was formed between two men, one of whom has Down syndrome (David). Sometimes life imitates art, as is the case with Kristoffer and David.  The two of them bonded during the filming of the movie and have become lifelong friends.

They will be joining us for a few days of incredible events, community outreach and of course a whole lot of fun.  Please join us as we celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Month with Kristoffer and David!


Kristoffer Polaha

Born and raised in Reno,  Kristoffer is an actor, director and author, known for his many tv and movie roles.  His recent projects include "Buried in Barstow", "Jurassic World Dominion", and "Wonder Woman 1984".  He is also considered the "Leading Man of Hallmark" with over a dozen Hallmark movies and TV shows under his belt. Polaha's short film "A Work of Art" recently premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, and his second book  in his "To Kona With Love" series, "Where the Sun Rises," comes out October 11th. Kristoffer is proud to work with a number of charities including World Vision and The Jensen Project.


David DeSanctis

David is an actor and advocate best known for the movies "Where Hope Grows" and "Color my World With Love". DeSanctis is an inspirational speaker for non-profits and special needs groups around the country, sharing his personal journey of living with Down Syndrome. He is presently working part time for National Down Syndrome Society as their Public Relations Outreach Associate. DeSanctis has been involved in the Best Buddies Program since 2009, and served on the Kentucky Commonwealth Council on Developmental Disabilities from 2016-2021.

"I love what the Down Syndrome Network of Northern Nevada is doing for our community, what they are doing with and for families who have a member with Down syndrome and I am proud to be an ambassador for an outstanding nonprofit that's from my hometown of Reno, Nevada."


-Kristoffer Polaha

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