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Hello, I'm Quinton

I've lived in Reno for almost 8 years. I'm currently on the DSNNN board and so glad to be part it.  Being part of the board has helped me to meet more people and be a part of more activities locally. I am very thankful to have the opportunity to be part of the DSNNN organization. Everyone has been awesome!

I enjoy concerts and listening to music, dancing, movies, camping and participating in several special Olympic sports. But my favorite thing to do is to spend time with my family, especially my niece and nephews. It brings so much joy to my heart watching my niece and nephews growing up and spending every minute I can with them. They are incredible and always in my heart.  I am protective over them, and they are my first priority. They look up to me and I will always be a part of their lives, supporting everything they do.  

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